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Your Hometown Brewery


Locally Brewed

Everything we offer is brewed right here in the heart of the central coast at our brewery in Paso Robles Ca


Fresh Ingredients

We use only top notch quality ingredients to brew our top shelf beer.

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About Us

Nick Vega

A little bit about myself and why I decided to open a brewery…

Ever since I was young I observed my father working and noticed he was happiest when he was working for himself doing what he loved, I knew then and there that I wanted to be in control of my own destiny and run a business of my own. I had no idea what and where this would lead me, but whatever it was I didn’t want to feel bored or unfulfilled working for someone else and fulfilling their dream. My brewing experience began with home brewing, where I started experimenting with different ways to alter the flavor of the beer while using variations of ingredients to naturally carbonate the beer. The first batches I did were done with malt extract and I was excited about it, but if you know much about the process of making beer, you can imagine my excitement when I was presented with all grain brewing! I was hooked! By utilizing a diverse background in business and technology I can help lead EarthAndFire to becoming a new age craft brewery by conceiving modern practices on an age old philosophy. I love beer and have a passion for the process of creating beer, so I felt that this is my opportunity. So why not take it to the next level and start crafting beer to share with our families, friends and the community we live in.

Nolan Mott

A little bit about myself and why I decided to open a brewery…

My brewing experience started while attending Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo, CA.  My roommates and I were tired of drinking cheap light beer and figured we could make better beer at home. “What better way to “Learn by Doing” than to make beer ourselves", we thought. That was the beginning of a huge change in my appreciation, and understanding of beer.  From then on I was constantly trying new and different beers every chance I had, and learning how they were made. I used his mechanical engineering degree while working for E&J Gallo Winery for several years,  and I was amazed at the magnitude of the bottling facility.. This is when I decided that someday I wanted to open a brewery.  My experience in the bottling and production environments of the winery is a significant contributor to my brewing, and packaging thought process.  I sought out any opportunity I could to tour breweries and wineries around the country, even taking a beer trip around Oregon, and Washington. I continued to brew beer at home and refined my recipes over the next few years while moving back to the Central Coast where I grew up, and where my wife and I went to school. This is when my dream for starting a brewery turned into a reality. I started thinking of ways to start a brewery in Paso Robles, and now as head Brewmaster I put the quality of our beer first every day, and keep the “learn by doing” attitude alive at the brewery, experimenting and trying new ideas.

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